11 Ways to Celebrate Diwali without Crackers

  • DIY Decorations – Kids can decorate diyas (especially soil lamps), make beautiful Bandhanwar or torans. It would be like killing two birds with one stone as it would foster creativity as well as compensate for the co-curricular activities (disrupted by the pandemic)
  • Pray Together – No religious festival is complete without rituals and ceremonies. This Diwali, get the family together for puja at home or take them for a visit to a temple to offer your prayers and seek blessings from goddess Lakshmi.
  • Plant a Tree – Instead of burning crackers this Diwali, assist your kid in planting a tree. Let them decorate the flowerpot and enjoy playing with colors. In fact, the more trees you plant, the more goddess Lakshmi will give you back.
  • Get involved in Household Chores –  Diwali brings umpteen household chores like cleaning and decorating home and arrangements for puja. Involve your child in these household chores.
  • Share a smile with the needy – With the saved money from crackers, help out poor people. Take your kid to an orphanage or temple and spread the love by doing some charity. Be the light to spread the light.  
  • Family Time – The festival is the best time to revive from hectic work.  Leave your phone aside and switch off those special programs on TV to make your Diwali with family more special. Plan fun games and share your Diwali experiences with children. It will bring a sense of togetherness in them. 
  • Rangoli – Unleash the latent artistic skills of your child by allowing them to make rangoli and decorate the house. Prefer organic colors for Rangolis.
  • Call your loved ones – Following the norms of social distancing, avoid get together and instead video call your near and dear ones. Involve your kids in calls and get them acquainted with relatives.
  • Eat together – Festival is meant to bring everyone together and is the season for foodies. Have a family dinner and share the happiness with your kids.
  • Try cooking – Festivals are the busiest time for the woman of the house. She has to prepare special meals, sweets for everyone. So how about kids assisting the lady of the house? 
  • Green Crackers – If the kids still insist on bursting crackers, create some fun crackers at home. Fill your room with balloons and burst them with incense sticks. Get paper envelopes and burst them with hands. These fun ways of making noises are way louder than the crackers. Kids will enjoy them thoroughly. Let’s celebrate real Diwali by spreading happiness, not pollution.
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Shruti Pansari