The link between childhood and creativity

That's what we create in our curriculum

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it..”

Alan Kay

A note for parents

Children need plenty of opportunities for creative play and creative thinking. Start by providing activities that are based on children's interests and ideas. This means learning how to listen intently to what children are saying.

Encouraging children to make their own choices is important. Children should be permitted frequent opportunities - and lots of time - to experience and explore expressive materials. Put your emphasis on the process of creativity and not on the finished product. What children learn and discover about themselves is vital to their development. Show your support for the creative process by appreciating and offering support for children's efforts. Independence and control are important components in the creative process.

What is creativity?

The general definition for Creativity is something new and useful. In 1958 Joy Paul Guildford, who is often credited for founding the study of Creativity, said this during a speech to the American Psychological Association.

‘I think of creativity as being something that lies behind behavior; behavior that is imaginative and inventive. Such behavior can be found in clearest form in the lives of certain people – scientists who make new discoveries and construct new theories; artists, designers, writers, and composers; and architects, designers, and builders.’